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LINKS we like

  • Feline Nutrition Foundation: Large collection of articles and insights into species-appropriate feeding for cats (now in archive form, hosted on the site of

  • Basics of Feline Nutrition:  Website of one of the foremost and longest serving advocates of cat-appropriate diets, Dr. Lisa Pierson, DVM:

  • Anne Jablonski's Cat Nutrition Blog: Blog and website on raw feeding for cats:

  • Raw Feeding For IBD Cats: Website about raw feeding for cats with inflammatory gastrointestinal issues such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease:

  • Is it an Emergency? Guide to common symptoms and whether the cat should be seen by a vet immediately, within 24 hours, or within a few days/weeks:

  • Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD):  A truly encyclopedic body of knowledge, tips and guidelines on how to help your kidney-kitty:

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD):  Expansive information about IBD in cats and how you can help your cat:

  • Feline Disease Management: General guidelines and links to information about feline diseases (such as the sites listed above), as well as invaluable money-saving tips for sourcing supplies:

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