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Ariane has been outstanding caring for both my cats, playing with my younger cat and getting my older antisocial cat to trust her (which is a feat in itself) and accept medications (which is practically miraculous). I travel for work on a monthly basis, and the peace of mind I get from knowing my cats are being taken care of is priceless. Ariane is professional in all her dealings with me, compassionate and affectionate in her dealings with the cats. I cannot recommend All Cats PDX highly enough.

Dave P.

Portland, OR

Another great experience with All Cats PDX. Cannot say enough good things about the service Ariane provides. Happy cat, happy plants. Lights, mail, newspapers too. Very responsible, informative and communicative. So much appreciated. I highly recommend her to take care of your kitties if you need to be away for awhile!

Patty L.

Beaverton, OR

I felt comfortable with Ariane from the moment we first met when she came for a free consultation. She is professional, knowledgeable, kind, and a true kitty lover! Ming is nearing 16, thankfully healthy, but has a bit of that "old lady grumpiness" and Ariane is very patient and understanding of moods. I appreciate her suggestions, notes from visits and pictures. I know she also spent extra time with Ming [...] - very much appreciated! Ariane is someone you can trust with your beloved fluffiness!

Lisa H.

Portland, OR

I was quite impressed with Ariane's care of our elderly cat. Since he has kidney disease he needs subcutaneous fluids as well as some medicines. Ariane came by ahead of our trip and diligently took notes on all of Flurry's medical needs and likes/dislikes. We didn't predict, however, how well Flurry would hide! Ariane had to put a great deal of time into finding him during her first visit. Once she found him, her main concern was keeping him calm and getting him to trust her--lots of grooming. Ariane took the initiative to restrict Flurry's access so he would be easier to find on subsequent visits. Ariane has also given us much useful information about improving Flurry's diet and delivery of medicines. Thanks Ariane!

Barb B.

Portland, OR

I have used All Cats PDX several times and cannot say enough great things about them. Ariane is extremely feline knowledgeable and treats my cats like they are her family. About two days before I was leaving for a long overdue vacation in Mexico, I began to notice that one of my cats was losing weight. I spoke Ariane before I left and she correctly diagnosed my cat's issue, and assured me that my cat would be in good hands. During my trip Ariane brought over more appropriate food for my cat's condition and gave me frequent updates. Great company and I would highly recommend!

Mark L.

Tigard, OR

I really appreciated the way Ariane approached my cats during her first introduction, quiet and gentle. I knew right away that she was my kind of "cat" person! Ariane was also very good with my "usually-shy-of-everyone" cat, Sugar. Ariane's manner kept Sugar calm and peaceful. I very much enjoyed the texts and emails while I was away, keeping me in touch with things at home, and letting me relax, knowing everything was in control. Ariane even braved freezing rain, to take care of my cats!

All Cats PDX provided wonderful care for my kitties and provided great customer service! 

Anna M.

Portland, OR

[My favorite part of the service was] the care taken to learn the cat's needs (diabetic cat) and the verification of understanding to be sure there were no misunderstandings (very professional!).

Ariane sent some articles about how dry food might be harming the cats, and how a change in diet might lessen or end diabetes for our diabetic cat.

It is clear that she cares about kitties!

Michele M.

Portland, OR

I appreciate the first update sent on the first day that you checked on Blue Eyes. I'm always nervous until I get the first update letting me know that nothing bad has happened since I left the house, and it takes a huge weight off my shoulders. Also, the photo that was sent made me very happy.

Lisa C.

Beaverton, OR

[My favorite part of the service was] regular update emails and a follow up email with final thoughts/recommendations. Loved the pictures.

She spent extra time with Abby giving cuddles and scratches!

Brenda M.

Portland, OR

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